TiBS Second Annual Scifi Award Winners Announced
And here’s Tom’s tweet of winning the same category last year


Tom Hiddleston at Olivier Awards 2014 by dalekhelen


OLIVIER AWARDS 2014 Best Actor Nominee Tom Hiddleston Interview (x)


Driving Downtown - Baltimore


Driving Downtown - Baltimore


why do good shows get canceled when american idol is in it’s 13th season

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chris evans on the tonight show starring jimmy fallon

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I will not ask you to stay

If you must go, go
I don’t need you
I will breathe (carefully) without you
I will smile (slowly) without you
I will go on (eventually) without you
I’d be much happier
If you chose to not leave,
But if you must let go, let go
And I will too

And hopefully one day
I will teach my heart to not break
Whenever everyday thoughts
Lead to you

I’m afraid I’m much too weak,
I’m afraid we’ll always be
A book with the end pages ripped out,
I’m afraid I’ll always wonder,
Always ache,
Always place everyone second to you

I’m afraid I’ll always love you

But I will not ask you to stay.

Does Time Truly Heal All Wounds? (Madisen Kuhn)

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Robert Downey Jr. reached 1 million followers less than a day after joining Twitter — 23 hours and 25 minutes to be exact — after sending out his very first tweet and introducing himself to the social media platform.

His first tweet was published on April 11 at 2:30pm PST.  He has made five posts overall, two of which are replies.

This means Robert Downey Jr. technically now holds the fastest time to reach 1M followers, beating out Charlie Sheen (who holds/held the Guinness World Record at 25 hours + 17 minutes).

Robert Downey Jr. joins Twitter, breaks records.


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